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Fairfield Characters

Fairfield Series

Emma & Shane 1Emma Dodd – early 30’s, long brown, wavy hair,  High School Counselor;  She is the aunt to Laurie Dodd;  moved to Fairfield to be close to Laurie and met Jake the first night she was there

Jake Campbell – early 30’s, sandy brown hair;  Detective for the Fairfield Police Department;  lives with his mother, Mary, to help take care of her;  has a disastrous first date with Emma the night she moves into town

Laurie's Time 3

Laurie Dodd –  mid-20’s; Emma’s niece;  long brown, wavy hair, Elementary School Teacher;  discovers that she has Lupus;  falls in love with Rob McDonald

Rob McDonald – early 30’s;  dark hair and blue eyes;  son of Bernie and Mac McDonald;  sister is Suzy;  works for the Fairfield Fire Department;  former player, he now works to take care of Laurie


Carol Fletcher – late 20’s;  blonde beauty;  she battles Bulimia;  works as a Nurse at the Fairfield Hospital;  she assists and falls in love with Tom Rivers

Tom Rivers – early 30’s;  blond hair;  played football with Jake and Rob in high school and college;  Detective for the Fairfield Police Department;

two romantic lovers on the beach at twilight

Jean Roberts – late 30’s, Elementary School Social Worker;  widowed;  falls for Laurie’s father, Brock Sinclair

Brock Sinclair – early 40’s;  former career Army;  never knew about daughter Laurie until she was 25 years old;  moves to Fairfield to be near her;  fall for the pretty Jean

Suzy McDonadl – 16 years old;  she is in love with Brad Evans;  works at her mom, Bernie, bakery

Brad Evans – 17 years old;  he is the son of Bill and Wendy Evans, who own Smokey’s bar;  has eyes for Suzy McDonald