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My books are all stand-alone reads.  This means a reader can pick up any book and read it for complete enjoyment.  A full story, complete with developed characters and a guaranteed happily-ever-after!

But, I also know that many readers prefer to read books as they have been written, especially in series where other characters are mentioned.  

For those readers, a list of my books, divided into series is below.

The Fairfield Series 

Laurie’s Time

Carol’s Image

Emma’s Home (this was my first book to be written, but actually takes place after Laurie and Carol’s story)

Fireworks Over Fairfield



The Love’s Series (features a character introduced in Carol’s Image from the Fairfield Series)

Love’s Taming

Love’s Tempting

Love’s Trusting (features an adult hero who was first introduced in the Fairfield Series and also is part of the Alvarez Security series)

Alvarez Security Series





Saints Protection & Investigations

Serial Love (features a hero who was introduced in the Alvarez Security Series)

Healing Love (features a heroine introduced in Jobe, from the Alvarez Security Series)

Revealing Love (written as part of a Kindle World – only available with

Seeing Love

Honor Love (features a hero, first introduced from Tony, from the Alvarez Security Series)

Sacrifice Love

Protecting Love (written as part of a Kindle World – only available with

Remember Love

Discover Love

Surviving Love

Celebrating Love (features a heroine, first introduced  from Remember Love)

Searching Love (not yet released)



Letters From Home Series (all independent stories)

Class of Love (includes the novella Sign of Love)

Freedom of Love

Bond of Love


Baytown Boys Series

Coming Home (features a hero, first introduced in the Saints Series)

Just One More Chance

Clues of the Heart

Finding Peace

Picking Up the Pieces

(more books to come!)